9mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps: AVCS Built in, Blue


Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps for 9mm Vial,AVCS Built in, Blue

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Thermo Scientificâ„¢ 9 mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps have a built in Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS) to prevent septa push through and over-and-under tightening. With just one turn they offer a optimal, consistent seal everytime. They’re easy to take on and off, and are cost effective alternative to caps with bonded septa.

Designed to be compatible with nearly all chromatography autosamplers fitted for 12 x 32 cm trays.

  • Septa push through nearly eliminated due to improved interior geometry.
  • Increased sealing performance.
  • AVCS provides the freedom to select the best septum for your instrument and applications.
  • Cost efficient alternative to bonded septa.
  • Optimised ergonomics. Fine texturing and evenly spaced ribbing allow for superior handling even with poorly fitting gloves.
  • Rough edges eliminated.