90mm Petri Dish: Polystyrene, sterile, single vent 89mm Diameter (500 pcs/pk)


Petri Dish, Polystyrene, 90mm, sterile, Polystyrene, single vent 89mm Diameter, Hieght 16mm, pack of 500

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Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Standard 90mm Petri Dishes maximise incubator space allowing you to culture microorganisms on solid media. They feature a mirror finish that ensure a high optical quality.

  • Ideal for use in automatic plate pourers.
  • Manufactured from non-cytotoxic virgin polystyrene.
  • Mirror finished moulds ensure high optical clarity.
  • Available either aspectically manufactured or terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • Single vented – limits gaseous exchange, minimises evaporation and dehydration – ideally suited for long-term work.
  • In vitro use only.