7ml Wheaton® Sample Container: Polystyrene clear, Polyethylene screw cap, Sterile, plain label


Sample Container, Polystyrene clear, Polyethylene screw cap. Sterile, 7ml, plain label, Bijou

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Bijou Container 7ml Polystyrene with Polyethylene Leak-Proof Screw-Cap Aseptically produced Plain Label Pack of 700 for sample collection.

  • Brand: Sterilin
  • Sterile: Aseptically produced
  • CE Certified: CE IVD
  • Material: Container – Polystyrene, Cap – Polyethylene
  • Volume: 7mL
  • Height: 50mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Pack of 700

Ideally suited for sample collection and offer a range of usages across research, pharaceutical and clinical laboratories. Containers are leak proof and are tested in accordance with EN14254 Annex D. Suitable for centrifugation up to 7,200g.