50ml Reagent Reservoir: trough, PVC, Dnase & Rnase free


Reagent Reservoirs, trough, PVC, 50ml, Dnase & Rnase free.

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50ml Reagent Reservoir. V-shaped design allows for maximum reagent recovery. Graduation lines on the top edge and inner walls are easy to read and indicate reagent volume levels. Drip-free pouring spouts are located on each corner allowing spill free pouring. Designed for multi-channel pipettes and is compatible with most common brands. The wide-base design allows for stability during use and tiered walls provide strength to the design to prevent deformation – reducing the chance of a spill. Packaging is easy to unwrap and makes handling quick and efficient.

  • Volume: 50mL.
  • Colour: White.
  • Material: PVC.
  • 100 per pack.
  • Non-sterile.