5-20ml Centrifugal Filtration Unit, Vivaspin 20: 10kDalton Molecular Weight Cut Off, Polyethersulfone Membrane


Centrifugal Filtration Unit, Vivaspin 20, 10kDalton Molecular Weight CutOff, Volume Range 5-20ml, Polyethersulfone Membrane

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5-20mL Vivaspin® 20, 10,000 MWCO PES, 48pc.

Ultrafiltration unit with unique twin membrane for sample concentration with high process flexibility: centrifugation or centrifugation of pressurized units, as well as pressure filtration in stationary benchtop mode.

  • High flux PES membrane
  • High retentate recovery > 90 %
  • Vertical twin membrane for ultra-fast concentration
  • Universal rotor compatibility
  • Safe sample concentration due to dead-stop volume
  • Convenient concentrate recovery by pipetting
  • Volume graduation for easy reading/monitoring
  • 100-fold concentration with twin vertical membranes
  • Additional option for pressurized operation