25mm PES Welded Syringe Filter 0.22um


25mm PES Welded Syringe Filter 0.22um

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25mm PES Welded Syringe Filter 0.22um.

  • Material housing: Polypropylene
  • Effective filtration area: 4.15cm²
  • Pore size: 0.22um
  • Process volume: <100mL
  • Max operating temperature: 90°C
  • Max operating pressure: 87psi
  • Pack size: 100 pcs

Main features: Suitable for high flow rates (liquids), low protein binding, low concentration of extractable substances.

Low affinity for proteins and extractable with substantially faster flow rates than PVDF; suitable for pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media. Excellent thermal and chemical resistance.

PES syringe filters are certified for Ion chromatography, tissue culture media, filtration of proteins and nucleic acids. Suitable for filtration of aqueous solutions with high throughput.