1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes: Safelock, Polypropylene with attached cap, clear, graduated, conical


Microcentrifuge Tubes, Safelock, Polypropylene with attached cap, clear, 1.5ml, graduated, conical

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Eppendorf Safe-Lock Microcentrifuge Tubes – 1.5mL.

  • Volume: 1.5mL
  • Hinged Eppendorf Safe-Lock lid prevents unintentional lid opening during incubation and storage.
  • g-Safe® – Exceptional centrifuge stability up to 30,000g (variant depending). Prevents sample loss and provides added safety when testing hazardous samples.
  • Manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticisers and biocides – substances known for leaching into samples and affecting bio-assay results.
  • Polypropylene provides a high chemical, mechanical stress and temperature resistance.
  • Lid seal provides minimal evaporation rates during long-term storage.
  • Lid and side are frosted to allow for labelling.
  • Operating temperatures: -86°C to 100°C.
  • Autoclavable when open – 121°C for 20mins.
  • Pack of 1000.